Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Goodbye kisses in the sky....

Love this picture. Just an wee iPhone snap...but I took it after saying goodbye to my little sister Lulu at the airport and she flew to Germany. Perfect goodbye...she's off for an amazing new chapter, I'm so excited for her :)

Before she went I showed her how to crochet a cowl (the addiction is catching...she's hooked too)! We had a little Face Time tutorial too - ha!

Loved spending time with my Ma, I've kidnapped her for a few days, and she's been here in Cornwall with us, baking and whatnot...its brilliant :)

Finally a mention of a lovely blog post written about Lumi by Brittni at Papernstitch click here to read- happy days indeed :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Crochet Cowl crazy indeed...

Mustard Chunky Cowl
Olive Chunky Infinity Cowl

Spring Green Knitted Cowl

Olive Chunky Mini Cowl

As i said, I've gone a little crazy on the cowl front! Here are the contenders so far, they're all in the shop now... I'm half way through a navy version of the mustard one and started a denim blue version of the Olive infinity cowl (I think its my favourite so far)...

The boy and I got busy planting more bulbs in the garden today, he loves digging for worms, watering things and pottering about, another thing ticked of the to-do (plant bulbs that have been hanging around for AGES)...

I'm off to London this week to say farewell to my lovely sister Lulu who is moving to Berlin on Thursday...I'm mega proud of her  and her lovely man and I know they are going to have the most AMAZING times in Germany, but I am going to miss her like CRAZY!! Thank goodness for living in an age of Face Time and Skype :) I am so looking forward to some girlie time seeing her and my other sister and my mum - its going to be mani's and blow-dries galore :)

Friday, 10 February 2012

Papernstich, crisp weather & the cowl project..

Its been such crisp chilly weather today, I love days like this. Bright sunshine and the cold. Winter days like this are my favourite, especially living in a place where its often wet and rains...ALOT. I like days like today.

This month Lumi features on this brilliant website called . Its run by this fantastic lady called Brittni, who is so lovely and helpful. It features designers, makers, artists and crafters etc and runs monthly exhibitions of their work and shops. Yesterday was the first day and it so exciting to have my Mustard Headband on the front page as one of the daily favourites - what a great start to the month :) There are loads of lovely things to look through by some amazing artists and makers and the website looks really good and has a wonderful blog too. Fantastic stuff.

And finally, the Cowl project, as I have decided to call it. I am knitting and crocheting my way to find the perfect creation of a snuggly cowl. Yesterday I designed a lovely moss knit snug one, whilst today's is slightly more ambitious mega cowl using 3 separate balls of wool far so..tangly! The finished articles will be in the shop this weekend, we'll have to see which one fares the best...

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Super Sunday - ball pools, photos and more boot cuffs!

1. Boot Cuffs - the shop has been stocked today, more boot cuffs in a rather lovely shade of sage green and some perfect PJ pants for little ones.

2. Photo fun - lovely afternoon spend in the garden taking pics of the items while Charlie wandered around playing with snails and stones - just as little boys do :)

3. Ball Pools - lots of running around and chasing chuckling children at a big play zone place today - they loved it - and actually so did Ross and I - it's not often you get to slide down bumpy slides as grown ups!!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Happy Funtime Friday - Front pages, playmates and wonderful winter weather!

1. What a wonderful start to the weekend - my Mustard Crochet Wristwarmers were featured on the front page of - I am so excited and can't believe how my shop views have rocketed. SO happy!

2. Lovely fun playdate had this morning, a very happy little chappy really enjoyed a nice couple of hours of play with his dear little friend and lovely for me to see mine :)

3. Wintry weather - its so beautifully chilly and sunny..there is lots of frost in the garden and as they weather was nice and dry I thought it the perfect opportunity to plant the bulbs I bought ages ago (another thing to tick of my To-do..). Unfortunately...the ground was frozen solid! Only managed to poke a couple of tulips in a couple of shady places!!

Happy Days...