Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday September 25th 2011 - Today's Three Things!

Today's Three!

Lovely lovely family weekend!

1. So much fun had at the little man's first swimming lessons! Charlie was shall we say more than a little reluctant to begin (shouting at the top of his voice "I'M NOT GOING IN MUMMY! YOU GO IN! I DON'T WANT TO!). However, after a little coaxing and a lot of splashing he just LOVED it and can't stop talking about going next week, ah precious moments!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thursday September 22nd 2011 - Today's Three Things!

Today's Three!

1. Ahh lovely crisp sunny days! Such a bright and crisp morning this morning, love days like this, makes winter easier to bear, especially as the day ended with a lovely clear starry sky!

2. More sewing, tops and trousers and more, looking forward to adding items to my Etsy and Folksy shops!

3. So looking forward to the weekend, starting tomorrow with Charlie's first swimming lesson, we're all so excited! A blustery beach walk or two are also on the agenda! Lucky us!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday September 19th 2011 - today's Three Things!

Today's 3!

1. Bumper sewing fun - so pleased to have found the time to get sewing, whipped up a couple of skirts for Edie tonight, it's amazing how satisfying it is, I just love seeing the physical results of it!

2. Catching up with my lovely sis Lulu, wishing we lived closer, but treasure our lovely chats and her super ideas...time for us to get our craft on Lulu!

3. Also ....Catching up with my dear brother Wills and his lovely lady. Thank you for the FaceTime so nice to see you both :)

Just one sibling missing from the happy family catch ups, miss you Char Char x

Looking forward to a rare Tuesday off work tomorrow, lucky me!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday September 18th 2011 - Sewing up a storm!

1. I'm SEW excited, such a great weekend had! Lots of fun with the family and also squeezed a bit of time for A bit of a sew up! Spent yesterday evening sewing, sewing and more sewing, whipped up more PJ pants and tried out a new dress idea, unfortunately the sample is too small for Edie!

2. Ross helped me make the Lumi labels for my items, I am so pleased with the results! I'm one happy lady!

3. Finally found some time to get my head around the next creations, and cannot wait to get started with the fab fabrics!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Saturday September 17th 2011 - Pancakes, cookies and trampolining!

Today's Three!

1. Wholewheat Breakfast Pancakes - these were so easy and such a fun start to the day, my happy little two year old boy enjoyed making and eating these with me this morning! An egg, 4oz flour, 1oz golden caster sugar, 1tsp cream of tartar and 135ml milk. Whisk up the egg and milk, then beat in the dry bits, dry fry for a couple of minutes on each side until a pale golden colour. Even better they freeze like a dream, so made a big batch and now have breakfast pancakes on the menu each day!

2. Weekend fun! Super fun play date with trampolining in the rain, a 2 year olds dream! So lucky to have such happy children and wonderful friends with wonderful children too. Looking forward a lovely dinner tonight and also some sewing once the bubas are sleeping, hopefully going to try out a couple more designs later, more PJ pants and a couple of burp cloths on the menu.

3. More baking, this time a batch of oat bran, oat and raisin wholemeal cookies. Can never seem to get them very moist, but they have been mostly devoured, especially by Edie....

Happy days....

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesday September 13th 2011 - Today's Three Things!

Today's Three Things!

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1. Happy little children - despite such early rising times from one little mischievous elf named Edie, the Talling children are so hilariously fun at the moment, although full on manic most of the time, its so amazing to see them interact with each other, starting to play and laugh hilariously at each other. Its infectious - one will start giggling, then the other and it can go on for a good 10 minutes! Superb!

2. Organisational Nirvana - After a super dooper massive organisational push over the weekend, I'm feeling on top of the mayhem once again! Mountains of washing washed and sorted. Piles of paperwork filed and tidied and children's meal planning finally nailed, with the help of a Pinterest Pin and subsequent brilliant blog find Wendolonia. Finally Charlie T is actually looking forward to his meals with the fabulous bento box ideas I found on this inspired blog, with loads of great food ideas for children. Amazing!!

3. Early Family Christmas (in November!!) - I am so unbelievably excited about the prospect of our early family Christmas. The last couple of years have been odd Christmases, its now that we are all older and with husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends/children etc that its proving much more difficult to all meet up. This year at Christmas again we won't be all together, but have all booked a long weekend away to have our own little early Christmas - I can't wait...they'll be 10 adults, 2 babies, reindeer, faux snow and fun and frolics! Super excited about having my family together (for the first time since both babies). Yippee, pass the turkey!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday September 6th 2011 - Today's Three Things!

Today's Three!

1. Lovely flowers - my lovely mama bought me beautiful flowers at the weekend, out in bloom and really brightening up the dining room! So kind and thoughtful :)

2. Back at work after a lovely break and getting ahead and organised, I love it when people surprise you with amazing ideas. So good to see someone being inspired to really try harder after a bit of encouragement!

3. Met a lovely lady at my friends wedding who has really exciting ideas and plans...might just have been fate...fingers crossed!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday September 4th 2011 - All you need is love!

Wowzers - what an amazingly lovely few days!

1. Happy family times - my lovely mama came to say for a few days. It's been 3 months since I've seen her and it's been wonderful. We hung out with the babies, who just adore her and Edie started saying hiya and chicken after visiting the allotment and seeing our neighbours 2 day old chicks!

2. Wonderful wedding day- my dearest friend Poppy got married yesterday. It was utterly perfect. The happiest wedding I've ever been to, she looked stunning and the happy couple, well, so happy! An amazing time had by all, even if a little to much fizz had by me...early bed to recover!

3. Watching the world grow - there were so many old friends at the wedding, all grown up, married with beautiful babies. It reminds me to be so thankful for what we have, so lucky to love and be loved, and to have such precious people around us, it's true, all you need is love!

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