Monday, 26 March 2012

Broccoli, Bibs and a Beautiful Bride

Wedding Photographer Cornwall

I absolutely love this picture. It's from a Vintage themed wedding that my husband did the photography for, the bride looks like a movie star! The day looks like something straight from Pinterest, so much fun and so wonderful! There are more pic here.

From plough.. plate in 15 mins

I dared to venture past the allotment today. It was a bit like a scene out of where the wild thing are. We have a lot of digging to do before this season's produce can be planted. However, I was utterly amazed at the amount of wonderful veggies that were there in our neglected patch! We have LOADS of leeks, kale and some purple sprouting broccoli....I picked a big bunch, 15 minutes later I was home and eating it for my supper. What an utter treat - we are very lucky to have such a fantastic space to grow.

I made a batch of bibs over the weekend, with some lovely organic cotton, really gorgeous fabrics, Edie looks a peach in them! In the shop soon...

Happy Monday!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Happy-day

The weather is lovely not a cloud in the sky, washing drying on the line and children charging about in the garden. I have never see Edie get so muddy! 

TA-DAAAH! Rhubarb. Still growing.

Cake. Multi.Coloured.Cake. As per Charlie's request, 3 colours to be precise, "I'm nearly three mummy, so I need 3 colours for my cake..." 

Happy Saturday x

Boot Cuff PDF Crochet Pattern

So, finally got round to creating a PDF pattern for my boot cuffs. Now in the shop. I've got a few more crochet patterns that I've been doing, so just a little bit more tweaking to do on them and they'll be there too.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Breakfast with the three bears...

Breakfast with the 3 bears
Happy Friday!

The rain has finally stopped! Yippeeee! So plans for a happy weekend pottering in the garden can go ahead. I popped out this morning an am thrilled to report that the rhubarb is coming along BEAUTifully! I have never been able to grow it, failed miserably the last 2 years and am now incredibly happy that we may actually get to eat some this year!

The small people were up ridiculously early today, so I found myself trying to be creative with feeding them at 6.25am...I saw this idea on pinterest for bear toast via Mini-Eco a couple of days ago and thought it was ace. Unfortunately I was way more impressed than the nearly 3 year old boy and 18 month little lady....feeding children is hard.

So onto more food related we were up with the larks I decided that lots of baking was in order. So, I'm trying Mrs Beeton's milk loaf. I'm on the first rise, I think it will take nearly 5 hours for the whole process, I hope the little monkeys like it!! Along with bear toast I've made some ham and cheese pinwheels  for them and as long as Edie Rose sleeps like a trouper this afternoon, the boy and I are making mint macaroons...

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Minty toes.

I have a massive obsession right now with mint. Clutches, cowls, boot cuffs. Tonight it was mint toes. Tomorrow I hope to make peppermint macaroons. Minty and fresh for spring.

Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend begins. I hope the weather is less rainy (I got totally soaked walking home from work!). I'm looking forward to getting in the garden and starting to plant some veggie seeds for the allotment.

Finally got round to creating the PDF versions of some of my crochet patterns, one for boot cuffs and the other for wrist warmers, looking forward to finishing the photos for them this weekend too.

Happy days!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Its a happy day today...My Mint Boot Cuffs are on the Etsy UK homepage! What a lovely collection of minty green this is, I'm very happy to be included!

Other things to make me smile....the sun is starting to shine this morning!


Happy Wednesday! x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Brown paper packages tied up with strings.....These are a few of my favorite things!

SPRING HAS SPRUNG... well almost!

I totally LOVE this time of year. New beginnings, bulbs sprouting, and blossom - which has to be one of my absolute favourite things.....

Cherry Blossom
It also is still chilly enough to wear knitwear, and this is my favourite cowl of the moment...

Starry, Scallop Cowl

Its not quite a brown paper package tied up with strings..but a mint one...but also one of my favourite things at the moment...
Order ready to ship

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sherbert Clutches now in the shop

Wowzers! It's been a long week...but a good one!

Clutches a go-go, I'm loving the spring pastel trends which have inspired these fold over clutches, nice to add a bit of sherbet to an outfit!

Early to rise...five am seems to be rather familiar to me this weekend, thanks to little Edie Rose!

Planting peonies - LOVE peonies and finally got round to buying some, so yesterday Charlie and I spent the afternoon in the garden planting peonies and hollyhocks and digging up wiggly worms (Charles not me!)...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Crafty weekend fun!

Here's how the weekend is panning out so far....

A bit of baking - Made a little carrot cake for a friend.

SEW fantastic -Working on finishing off some spring creations for the shop, sew excited to use my new machine.

Happy flower time - lovely flowers from a  dear friend and I was properly excited when I popped into the garden an found the rhubarb thriving under its dark forcing cover (AKA a cardboard box!!)...

Friday, 9 March 2012

Hop, stitch and a jump!

Woohoo its the weekend..Almost! So here are a happy couple of things that made me smile.

Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken, lay a little egg for me :)

Treasury time, a hoppy collection of lovely things :)

New sewing machine has arrived! Hoorah - cannot wait to get stitching this big pile of....

....pastel fabric and some really lovely fabric from misformake...

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A break amid the trees

Ahh, what a lovely little break from real life. A week in the forest with the kids (Centreparcs), much fun had swimming and enjoying the fresh air and not having to do load after load of washing!

Here are a few things that have been great:

BIG TALL TREES - pictures missing as my iPhone has gone to apple heaven and its not backed up :(

Shipping more orders this week, a couple of pairs of boot cuffs, one in Mustard one in Sage, I've got some new colours lined up for Spring, loving the SS Pastel trends...

Finding this wonderful poem on my sisters website -  I love how she writes, this puts me right in our old bedroom, her on the top bunk me on the bottom :)