Friday, 23 March 2012

Breakfast with the three bears...

Breakfast with the 3 bears
Happy Friday!

The rain has finally stopped! Yippeeee! So plans for a happy weekend pottering in the garden can go ahead. I popped out this morning an am thrilled to report that the rhubarb is coming along BEAUTifully! I have never been able to grow it, failed miserably the last 2 years and am now incredibly happy that we may actually get to eat some this year!

The small people were up ridiculously early today, so I found myself trying to be creative with feeding them at 6.25am...I saw this idea on pinterest for bear toast via Mini-Eco a couple of days ago and thought it was ace. Unfortunately I was way more impressed than the nearly 3 year old boy and 18 month little lady....feeding children is hard.

So onto more food related we were up with the larks I decided that lots of baking was in order. So, I'm trying Mrs Beeton's milk loaf. I'm on the first rise, I think it will take nearly 5 hours for the whole process, I hope the little monkeys like it!! Along with bear toast I've made some ham and cheese pinwheels  for them and as long as Edie Rose sleeps like a trouper this afternoon, the boy and I are making mint macaroons...

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