Sunday, 30 June 2013

Nature in the Home: White

Its been a really hectic week this week. I was away for the first half of the week and spent the rest of the week playing catch-up! Charlie had another settling session at his new school (he starts in September), I simply cannot believe how time flies - it seems only yesterday he was a teeny bundle in my arms in hospital! Wow.

I am so late in joining in in the lovely Lou's Nature in the home challenge this week. The theme is white and this collection of foraged hedgerow blooms is my offering. We went for a walk on the farm with the children after supper one evening this week and Edie helped me collect this weeks selection. 

Happy days x

Friday, 21 June 2013

Nature in the Home - A Gift

This weeks Nature in the Home challenge from Lou was "a gift". These are a lovely little gift from the garden, the smell divine and I just love the contrast of the deep pink against the green and white petals.

Happy Days x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

52, a portrait a week

Joining in with Jodi and her 52 portraits, taking a picture of my children each week.

Edie, admiring her wedding tattoo.

Charlie, putting a feather in his pocket for safe keeping.

These lovely pics were taken this weekend at my gorgeous sister Lulu's wedding by my husband.

Happy days x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

DIY Paper Garland

As I've mentioned before, my lovely little sister Lulu is getting married. The wedding is going to be brilliant, we are super excited! 

I've been helping to make a couple of decorations and thought I'd share this paper garland I have made. it was pretty simple (I fought a little with my sewing machine on a couple of occasions but it seems to have turned out ok!).

For a Garland measuring approx 3 metres...

You will need: 

10 sheets of A4 paper, I used 5 different shades - 2 sheets of each, including 3 solid colours: pink marble, dove grey, light blue, tracing paper and a pearlised white.
Sewing machine
Co-ordinating thread
Cutting board - useful but not essential
Craft knife  - useful but not essential

Begin by cutting each sheet of paper in half lengthways (if the paper is portrait from top to bottom), so you are left with 2 narrow strips. Then cut each of the strips into inch wide strips (as per the first image). They will now measure approx 4inches by 1 inch. Separate each into piles of colour. If you want to have a continual pattern I suggest placing the strips in the order you want to use them carefully next to your machine. 

Spread out as many runs of the layout as you can - this will really speed up the process. 

Carefully begin by stitching your first strip down the centre and sew a few extra stitches after you have sewn the paper, to create the gap, then start by stitching the next strip. Repeat this process until you have used up all of the cut strips. 
Its pretty slow going as the paper is so delicate, so do take your time.

Ta da! You have a garland!

Happy days Lulu and aB, cannot wait until Saturday x

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Boys Bow Tie

On Saturday, my lovely sister Lulu is getting married! I know its super exciting and we simply cannot wait!! She is getting married to a lovely man called Andrew and I just know its going to be the BEST day. Edie is a flower girl and my other sister Charlie (yes, my boy's name is Charlie too!) and I are bridesmaids. Yippeeee! Lots of dressing up and girlie things to look forward to over the next few days - hurrah! The boy Charlie is really excited and even more excited about wearing his new bow tie! Available in the shop now.

More to follow on the wedding after the weekend! 

Happy days x