Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Kids Pyjamas!

Rosy Posey Pyjama Pants! New in the shop. Summery lightweight soft and comfy, the best thing for little ones to sleep in. Or if you're under 2, they're more perfect for bouncing on beds in!!

Happy days x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tuesday Treasures

Today's Tuesday treasures can all be found in this months Papernstitch Exhibition. I just love the amount of talent that can be found here - AMAzing!

Clockwise from top left:

♥   WRITE WITH MOXIE  $6.25 Mint Eco Friendly Recycled Pencil Set
♥  The Blooming Thread$29 Silver Locket - Coral Orange Enamel
♥  AHC $20 Gold Dipped Jade Ring / JR15 / 7.5 US
♥  Andrea Shear's Little Drawings $4 Buny Card
♥  What. No Mints?  $50 Geometric Agave Plant
♥ ooh pretty shiny ...$30 - macaron french kitchen photo

Such lovely things - Ooh la la indeed!

happy days x

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Winter in June...

I know its June, but I'm getting ready for doesn't feel too inappropriate, given the amount of rain we've had this week!

Knitted paws and Cowls for the kids have been the plan for a while now, and here is a sneak peek...

In the shop soon...

Happy days x

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Giveaway Time!

I'm really excited to announce a new giveaway with Freida Sophie! LumiStyle Grey Foldover clutch is up for grabs, its a must have for summer, a great way to add colour or interest to an outfit, and just right for carrying around everything you need... this clutch perfectly stores an iPad and more, stylishly under your arm. Head on over to Freida Sophie now to enter and don't forget to tell your friends!

Freida Sophie makes beautiful jewelery, I'm totally in love with these right now...

More delights can be found in her lovely shop!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I need a collar, a collar is what I need...

I know. Very poor title! I think I'm getting a bit to old to try to be sense of humor is turning into bad dad jokes.....oh...dear!

So. I am LOVING not being at work this week. We are accomplishing lots, the boy is, (dare I say) potty trained pretty much - little hero.

I made homemade blueberry pancakes for breakfast, on a Tuesday (I know!) - normally a treat reserved solely for lazy weekend mornings!

I've added lots of summery items to the shop including these cute little detachable peter pan collars. I even have one in mint green, my colour of the moment!

Holidays are THE best!

Happy days x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Afternoon Walk - Vintage Steps, Flowers and Jubilee Finds

The boy and I headed for a little wander to the local shop to pick up some bits that we needed to cook dinner. We found lots of lovely things...

The boy loves daisies. He LOVED the fact that there were lots on our little outing. Such a cutie, he picked one just for me!

I love this house. Its in a street that our very first flat was on (about 11 years ago now...), such a pretty street and wonderful sense of neighborhood community - every house was decorated like this and they were having a little Jubilee street party...
..which, was amazing because they were also having a little yard sale to raise money for charity...I found these brilliant vintage foldaway steps - just £4 - such a bargain and I also got a little Lilac tree too! Perfect afternoon finds!

Happy days x

Monday, 4 June 2012

Summery Jersey Headbands

Finally, the first of my summer jersey headbands are in the shop.

They are so easy to wear, perfect for keeping unruly hair out of your face or just accessorising an outfit ! Simply tie the headband in a knot, wear the cute little knotted bow that results to the centre, jauntily to the side for a bit of interest or at the nape of your neck! 

Let me know what you think!

Happy days x

Papernstitch Exhibition

I'm really excited that Lumi is part of Papernstitch's June Exhibition. I just love the site and there are some really fantastic shops involved this month! Below are some of my favorite picks!

1.       Leather bag in brown$235 by Treesizeverse
2.       Green Ombre Beaded Polymer Clay Necklace $32 by A Quiet Curiosity
3.       Bergamot Ginger Lotion Bar Certified Organic Ingredients $10.95 by Etta + Billie
4.       Bow Tie $18 by The Wishing Elephant
5.       3 inch Wide Vintage French Cotton Trim - 2 yards $10.90 by Callaloo Soup Vintage
6.       Cucumber Ombre Lavender Sachets, Organic Elegant $27 by Gardenmis

Lumi's shop can be found here too!

Happy Monday x

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Super Saturday!

Yippee its Saturday and I am on holiday! a massive 10 days off work hip hip hoorray! Owing to the fact that I am not at work it has been so lovely to spend time with my babes....therefore, this post will be mostly children related!

Saturday has been awesome! Here are my super three for today....

1. We are potty training the boy. Today was the first full day, I was expecting horror of horrors...he was utterly amazing! Only one teeny accident - phew! My favorite part...yesterday he chose a potty. Its BRIGHT pink. He loves it, I love it and every time he uses it Edie dances! Happy days indeed! Tomorrow may not be so fun...we have to leave the house!!

2. Edie is officially THE messiest 18 month old ever. I am not sure why, but she has decided that every meal must end with the mostly full bowl or plate or yogurt pot (etc...) on her head. She was in the shower at 7.45am this morning following breakfast-gate...

3. We had mini Baked Alaskas...what more could you want on a weekend?

Tomorrow we're of to our dear friend's for a super Sunday Jubilee Party - I can't wait!

Happy Saturday :)