Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Afternoon Walk - Vintage Steps, Flowers and Jubilee Finds

The boy and I headed for a little wander to the local shop to pick up some bits that we needed to cook dinner. We found lots of lovely things...

The boy loves daisies. He LOVED the fact that there were lots on our little outing. Such a cutie, he picked one just for me!

I love this house. Its in a street that our very first flat was on (about 11 years ago now...), such a pretty street and wonderful sense of neighborhood community - every house was decorated like this and they were having a little Jubilee street party...
..which, was amazing because they were also having a little yard sale to raise money for charity...I found these brilliant vintage foldaway steps - just £4 - such a bargain and I also got a little Lilac tree too! Perfect afternoon finds!

Happy days x

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