Saturday, 28 April 2012

Whizzing Weeks

What a week - so many exciting things happening inspite of mega sleep deprivation courtesy of a poor little teething Edie Rose - dear little duckling...

3 Happy Things...

The boy is 3 whole years old today! Woop Woop! We managed to get this far and he is awesome! Truly! We will be eating lots of cake this weekend in honour of this momentous occasion. Cake is always a happy thing...especially when you let your 3 year old decorate it himself - lots of sprinkles involved - as well as a lot of eating mini-marshmallows as part of the decorating process).

Lumi boot cuffs and clutches are now featured on Via-Cornwall - big smiles!

And I've had some really MEGA exciting news...which can't be revealed just yet, but for the time being this will do for a happy thing... Lumi Slate Grey boot cuffs made it to the US frontpage on yesterday thanks to this fab treasury created by Kristy from SAStudio

Happy days indeed x

Monday, 23 April 2012

Geeky snaps and Rhubarb Cupcakes

The weekends whizz by far too quickly for my liking! Its gone already! 

Loving these pics of the babes wearing my glasses (that make me look like I should have a fake nose and mustache attached to them!):


Apart from taking geeky instagram pics of the children, I made rhubarb cupcakes with our rhubarb from the garden. A proud moment indeed - I have been trying to grow rhubarb unsuccessfully for ages - and now its in full flourish! 

I used this lovely recipe on Sugar and Spice and all things Iced and I just changed the way I made the rhubarb purée (details below) and they turned out just deliciously!

Rhubarb Purée:

2 cups chopped raw rhubarb
1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
3 tablespoons water

Simmer all ingredients in a pan until the rhubarb has softened to a purée. This takes around 5 minutes. Allow to cool before adding to the recipe.

Giveaway on Lemondrop Vintage!

I am so very excited that Lumi is being featured on the lovely blog Lemondrop VintageThe blog is a vintage fashion blog that is run by the lovely Marie:

Who is this Marie person, anyway?
I buy vintage because I wear vintage. I decided a few years ago to share my treasures on eBay and etsy, including those pieces I made using vintage components like my bracelets and necklaces. I also love to blog about the vintage hunt and score, and show my fashion finds (or my fashion misses, I am not a model or a Parson’s Design student). Nice to meet you!

We're doing a giveaway to win $25 worth of store credit in the Etsy shop! If you fancy entering head on over to LEMONDROP VINTAGE and follow the instructions! 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fun Features!

Well, its starting to be a lovely week of features for Lumi. First there was papernstitch and the Fashion Fix:

What a nice surprise! Lumi Clutch and Mint Boot Cuffs feature in Papernstitch's what to wear: a fashion guide!

Then, today, thanks to a lovely treasury created by Charmaine of Oh The Sweetest Thing and Littlenestbox, Lumi Mint Clutch is on the Etsy UK homepage! Super dooper days!

Another awesome thing, a super dooper FaceTime with my lovely sis in Germany. Miss you Lulu x

Happy days x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chasing Cables....

I have wanted to be able to knit cables for ever. Now I have started, I can't seem to stop. A highly addictive activity, good job it only involves knitting needles and no elicit substances, can't be that bad for my health!

Lets talk about Mustard. Another favorite colour. Mustard Fold Over Clutch, Mustard Boot Cuffs, Mustard Heatbands and now these rather delicious cable knit Wristwarmers with a Mustard Trim...... I think this is more of a Autumn/Winter shade, but I really this colour - I think it works pretty well as a clutch! In the shop this weekend soon, slightly delayed because of my....

...poorly babes. A week of poorly babes. First little Edie Rose and now the boy :( Dear little dumplings, its just horrid to see them so miserable...the ONLY plus side is they LOVE to cuddle when they're under the weather, now that is one of my absolute favorite things x

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Blog Love

Blog Love - BikBik and Roro

The lovely Janice from Bik Bik and RoRo had featured Lumi's Slate Grey Boot Cuffs on her blog. Janice has a fantastic Etsy shop that sells wonderful Handmade Friends and Goodies, with a really beautiful selection of blossom pins (below). A definite must have for little girls! I just LOVE her toys, so imaginative and fun!

Thanks again Janice x

Hoppy Easter!

Happy Belated Easter Everyone!

Here are a couple of lovely things from the looooong weekend. I'm loving the is short week at work :)

Tulips from my Pa...

Beautiful tulips from my lovely dad - LOVE tulips!

Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding - De-Licious

Lovely weekend with the family! My Pa and Brother and his lovely girlfriend came to Cornwall and we've had lots of fun on the beach and cooking and eating! A nice little Easter egg hunt for the little people too :)

Pass the Mustard

Its been very nice to be busy filling orders for the shop, lots of Mint Clutches heading to the USofA! Happy days...pretty excited about this Mustard version I've been working on, in the shop tomorrow x