Saturday, 28 April 2012

Whizzing Weeks

What a week - so many exciting things happening inspite of mega sleep deprivation courtesy of a poor little teething Edie Rose - dear little duckling...

3 Happy Things...

The boy is 3 whole years old today! Woop Woop! We managed to get this far and he is awesome! Truly! We will be eating lots of cake this weekend in honour of this momentous occasion. Cake is always a happy thing...especially when you let your 3 year old decorate it himself - lots of sprinkles involved - as well as a lot of eating mini-marshmallows as part of the decorating process).

Lumi boot cuffs and clutches are now featured on Via-Cornwall - big smiles!

And I've had some really MEGA exciting news...which can't be revealed just yet, but for the time being this will do for a happy thing... Lumi Slate Grey boot cuffs made it to the US frontpage on yesterday thanks to this fab treasury created by Kristy from SAStudio

Happy days indeed x

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