Sunday, 6 May 2012

Minty Fresh

A busy old week with lots of lovely things...a girly dinner sans infants, a baby shower with lovely ladies, poorly babes (again!) NOT LOVELY - poor little dears - but part of the busy week none the less, lots of crochet (happy days) and much minty-ness (its going to be a word, I'm convinced of it!).

The lovely Janice from Bikbib and Roro has created a lovely post with a minty treasury created by Lumi :)

I made minty macaroons for my lovely friend poppy's baby shower - I'm so excited for her, can't wait to meet her imminent arrival!!

Finally, Lumi Mint Clutch features in this wonderful post over on LatikaSoap's blog - I am so into her soaps right now - they are so much fun!!

P.s. Another minty point - I cannot wait to show you the minty cowl I've been working on its chunky and minty and FRESH....stay tuned!

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