Sunday, 11 August 2013

Garden Goodness

Lots of things have been happening in the garden recently. This year we planted a couple of small raised veg beds to try to grow a few veggie plants in. 

a leek amid the strawbs

This week its exciting to see that we finally have a very small cob on the sweetcorn! 

There are other treats growing wild in the hedges, lots of blackberries, and rosehips - many, many rosehips - I can't wait to try making rosehip syrup with them.

The hydrangea's are in full bloom and are in various shades of purple, pink and the most vibrant peacock blue. Just lovely. 

But I think I am most excited about my courgette plant. Every year I listen to people speak about their glut of courgettes and every year I watch as mine are eaten by giant slugs, wistfully dreaming about the courgette cake recipes I have just waiting for my non existent glut. This year, there will be no glut, but thanks to my darling friend who gave me a very healthy plant this year, I may just be able to make that cake with my very own courgettes! Thank you V x

Happy days x