Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Life is sweet - especially when you make it so...

Today's Three:

1. Healthy Wholemeal Banana Breakfast Muffins were made at 7am with the help of a happy little 2 year old, happy that was, until he realised that you have to cook them! Bless him, a long 25 minutes followed until they were ready! But they were a yummy start to the day!

2. Summer Berry Jam finally made with blackberries from the garden and Cornish strawbs, now to find some cool labelling ideas...hope my neighbours like jam! So easy to make and such a tasty result!

3. Happy lovely people - today I've seen one of my bestest friends the beautiful Poppy! She's getting married on Saturday and i'm so excited for her, it's going to be a wonderful day! Can't wait! Also so so looking forward to the arrival of my mama, she's coming to stay tomorrow and she's having the babies overnight when we go to the wedding - such an unbelievable treat. So lucky :)

The sweet peas are from my lovely neighbours and smell so divine, as I say life is pretty sweet right now!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tuesday August 30th 2011 - Organising, planning and fun with friends!

Today's Three...

I have been on a massive mission to make the most of today, Tuesday. I am off work. On holiday as it were.... and today is the first day that I have been in the house on MY OWN (no husband or children here..) for, well I can't remember. I cannot believe how productive I am being, its almost frightening. Especially doing those things that are on my to-do list that have been there for how long? Well, I can't remember that either! Ticking things of my endless TO-DO really pleases me!

1. Organising that massive box of tangled wires and cables! I saw a post on Pinterest the other day (via Storage and Glee), showing a clever way of organising cables using toilet roll tubes - its brilliant! So pleased with the results and even better "organise cable box" is now TICKED!

2. Planning new creations for Lumi, I'm getting really excited. Having had a bit of spare time today I've been browsing fabrics and chosen a couple of prints for some samples I'm making at the moment. More to follow soon :) Nothing sold yet on Folksy or Etsy, but early days and hopefully soon I'll get some interest!

3. Dinner with the girls. Its so nice to meet up, we rarely get to do this these days, nice glass of vino and non stop natter with people I've known for 20 years. Oh my god, that makes me feel old. Ha!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday August 29th 2011 -Sun, Sand and Sewing!

Today's Three Things!

1. Finally a little sun has come and put his hat on in Cornwall - hip hooray! We've had such a wonderful, wonderful couple of weeks with the family visiting from London, it's so wonderful when they come down and see how much the babies have changed and grown - happy days were had and memories made! We are so lucky to live near the beach and have spent some fab days there recently, building sandcastles, splashing in the sea ( with Charlie falling over lots) and eating sand ( mostly Edie).

2. Sew much fun! This time it's been PJ pants for Charlie - he thinks they're brilliant ( if a little short!), but I'm really looking forward to having another go and making a matching pair for Ross!

3. More neighbourly love! I absolutely adore my neighbours Roma and Roland, they are so unbelievably kind and thoughtful. Roland has given me a beautiful bunch of home grown sweet peas again, the smell divine! I'm hoping to return the kindness with a pot of homemade blackberry jam, with berries from the garden, which I plan to make tonight!

Happy days!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thursday August 25th 2011 - Today's Three Things

Todays Three:

1. Birthday Funtime - such a happy family day spent for my Dad's birthday, my sister, her boyfriend, the babies and my husband! So nice to have everyone together visiting! Lovely brunch, blustery walk on the beach involving ice-cream and sandy toes. Oh and of course, home made birthday cupcakes! Living in Cornwall is pretty amazing!

2. DIYing more iPad cases - this time a manly version for my Dad, loving this make. Next try, DIYed Clutch...

3. Finally getting my Etsy and Folksy shops up and running - how very exciting!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tuesday August 16th 2011 - Today's Three Things

The Daily Three!

1. Happy Family Days - Spent  such a lovely day yesterday with my sister Lulu and her boyfriend Andrew, went picking at the allotment (lovely beetroot), visiting granny, eating pasties and then a frozen yoghurt and hot chocolate on the beach in the rain - a proper Cornish summer!

2. Sewing - had much fun making an iPad case for my mother-in law's birthday, so quick and easy and such pleasing results! Made one for us too whilst I was at it! also loving making bandanna dribble bibs at the moment, totally hooked, I'm hoping to add some to my Etsy shop by the end of the week, getting so excited about this!! On the subject of sewing I'm going to try my had at DIY-ing a clutch for me..I'll keep you posted!

3. Breakfast pancake fun - Charlie had so much fun eating breakfast pancakes with chocolate spread and strawberries, nice to have a  special little home made breakfast treat every now and then :)