Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tuesday August 30th 2011 - Organising, planning and fun with friends!

Today's Three...

I have been on a massive mission to make the most of today, Tuesday. I am off work. On holiday as it were.... and today is the first day that I have been in the house on MY OWN (no husband or children here..) for, well I can't remember. I cannot believe how productive I am being, its almost frightening. Especially doing those things that are on my to-do list that have been there for how long? Well, I can't remember that either! Ticking things of my endless TO-DO really pleases me!

1. Organising that massive box of tangled wires and cables! I saw a post on Pinterest the other day (via Storage and Glee), showing a clever way of organising cables using toilet roll tubes - its brilliant! So pleased with the results and even better "organise cable box" is now TICKED!

2. Planning new creations for Lumi, I'm getting really excited. Having had a bit of spare time today I've been browsing fabrics and chosen a couple of prints for some samples I'm making at the moment. More to follow soon :) Nothing sold yet on Folksy or Etsy, but early days and hopefully soon I'll get some interest!

3. Dinner with the girls. Its so nice to meet up, we rarely get to do this these days, nice glass of vino and non stop natter with people I've known for 20 years. Oh my god, that makes me feel old. Ha!

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