Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday May 15th 2012 - Today's Three Things!

The Daily Three!

1. How d'ya like those onions! Finally got round to planting my onions. Fingers crossed they'll turn out nicely!

2. Bouncing - such fun had on a playdate today at my best friend's house. Our boys spent hours jumping on the trampoline, the ultimate in happiness!

3. Heartfelt breakfast - look what my strawberry had inside, a little heart! Amazing!

Saturday May 14th 2011 - Today's Three Things!

The Daily Three!

1. Gardening - lovely weather spent planting and pottering in the garden, lovely pink geranium given to me by my grandparents now planted! Lovely stuff!

2. Fashion DIYing - rather addicted to finger knitted necklaces and bracelets, sisters my dear yours are in the post!x

3. More DIYing - following a disastrous attempt on Friday night, I persevered and I spent the evening on the sewing machine again, making baby shoes for Edie - they fit the little munchkin perfectly! Hooray!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday May 13th 2011 - Today's Three Things!

The Daily Three!

1. DIY'd finger knitted jersey bracelet - simples! A punch of colour to block with, so easy to make, and i've up-cycled an old raggy tee to boot!

2. Lemony biscuits - yum! I had a friend over for a play date today, so made some biccies, a la Rachel Allen, super easy abs super tasty, the children scoffed the lot...well they may have had a little help!

3. Sweet Peas - finally my sweet peas (grown from seed) are starting to bud! Can't wait for the sweet smelling blooms to open!

Thursday May 12th 2011 - Today's Three Things!

The Daily 3!

1. DIY'd Leopard Print Mani - always fancied having a go with this, have a bit of a thing for animal prints at the moment, my evening mani has put a little smile on my face!

2. Running - I'm really enjoying getting back into running, let's hope I can keep up the early mornings running by the river with the big fat pigeons!

3. Edie Rose - amazingly my beautiful pudding of a little girl is six months old today, she has brought us so much joy and completed our little family. I am so grateful and lucky!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday 9th May 2011 - Today's Three Things!

The Daily 3!

1. Sleeping babies - 7.15pm and I have 2 sleeping beauties! Ahhh!

2. Thunder and lightening - it's been wild in the woolly west today, and now the clouds are parting to reveal blue glimpses of sky.

3. Early bed - these 4.30am starts are starting to get a little tiring. Bed with nice clean sheets...heaven!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday May 8th 2011 - Today's Three Things!

The Daily 3!
1. Riverside run - my first run in over a year, it was a good one! Thank goodness, after I got over the initial shock of tasting blood(!), I rather enjoyed the scenery of Malpas river by Sunny Corner, a great way to start a lazy Sunday.

2. Windy days - the blustery wind dried my sheets on the line in no time at all (which was rather good, as it rained as soon as I put them out!).

3. Hearty stews - it's always rather nice to have a bit of warming chicken stew on a windy day, so simple to make but so satifying.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Saturday May 7th 2011 - Today's Three Things

1. Irish Potato Cakes - aka Potato Farls - this morning I made round, heart and bunny shaped ones to tempt my two year old tinker who is not much of an eater…they went down a treat and were so simple to make. Mashed potato, butter and enough flour to make a dough, roll out, cut into any shape you desire and dry fry for a few minutes on either side! Easy peasy!

2. Cheeky naps - both babies soundly sleeping for lunchtime naps, for once I'm making the most of it and rather than tidying up, going to have a snooze - I have been up since 5am - surely it's allowed!

3. Crocheting - this morning I took advantage of being woken super early and finally stared crocheting granny squares I'd made ages ago together. This is one of my favourite crafts. Especially pleasing to see odd squares becoming a much more impressive size!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Friday May 6th 2011 - Today's Three Things!

The Daily Three!

After a few days break my three things are back! Rather a hectic week after starting work again!

1. Mr Peacock - another trip to the zoo today for my first whole day with the children this week. It was lovely, we were the only people there and saw this amazon peacock doing his thang! Charlie wasn't that impressed though as he did seem pretty massive compared to him.

2. Mani-pedi - rather a treat these days, nothing quite like a home mani-pedi (well other than a Cowshed one at Babington House with my lovely sisters an mama, but gone are those decadent days!), I'm rather pleased with my efforts - Chanel Ballerina on my fingers and OPI Linkin Park After Dark on my toes!

3. The weekend - the prospect of a couple of days with my lovely little family fills me with joy!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday May 1st 2011 - Today's Three Things!

The Daily 3!

1. Lovely babies - last day of maternity leave today and I've been thinking so much about how lucky I am to have 2 beautiful, healthy and happy children. Such special times.

2. My Family - I had a such a lovely chat with my brother today, I haven't spoken to him for ages, so nice to catch up. Really missing not having my family close today.

3. Becoming domestic - I'm desperate to be as organised as I possibly can with our lives so that when I'm back at work things remain on an even-ish kilter. Very productive today, meal planning, cleaning, batch cooking, playdough making (Charlie demanded I make yellow, orange and green today), I even created a household planning file containing said meal plans, recipes, baby routines etc..perhaps a little overkill but I am very fond of the mantra "fail to prepare, prepare to fail"!