Friday, 6 May 2011

Friday May 6th 2011 - Today's Three Things!

The Daily Three!

After a few days break my three things are back! Rather a hectic week after starting work again!

1. Mr Peacock - another trip to the zoo today for my first whole day with the children this week. It was lovely, we were the only people there and saw this amazon peacock doing his thang! Charlie wasn't that impressed though as he did seem pretty massive compared to him.

2. Mani-pedi - rather a treat these days, nothing quite like a home mani-pedi (well other than a Cowshed one at Babington House with my lovely sisters an mama, but gone are those decadent days!), I'm rather pleased with my efforts - Chanel Ballerina on my fingers and OPI Linkin Park After Dark on my toes!

3. The weekend - the prospect of a couple of days with my lovely little family fills me with joy!

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