Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tuesday August 16th 2011 - Today's Three Things

The Daily Three!

1. Happy Family Days - Spent  such a lovely day yesterday with my sister Lulu and her boyfriend Andrew, went picking at the allotment (lovely beetroot), visiting granny, eating pasties and then a frozen yoghurt and hot chocolate on the beach in the rain - a proper Cornish summer!

2. Sewing - had much fun making an iPad case for my mother-in law's birthday, so quick and easy and such pleasing results! Made one for us too whilst I was at it! also loving making bandanna dribble bibs at the moment, totally hooked, I'm hoping to add some to my Etsy shop by the end of the week, getting so excited about this!! On the subject of sewing I'm going to try my had at DIY-ing a clutch for me..I'll keep you posted!

3. Breakfast pancake fun - Charlie had so much fun eating breakfast pancakes with chocolate spread and strawberries, nice to have a  special little home made breakfast treat every now and then :)

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