Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chasing Cables....

I have wanted to be able to knit cables for ever. Now I have started, I can't seem to stop. A highly addictive activity, good job it only involves knitting needles and no elicit substances, can't be that bad for my health!

Lets talk about Mustard. Another favorite colour. Mustard Fold Over Clutch, Mustard Boot Cuffs, Mustard Heatbands and now these rather delicious cable knit Wristwarmers with a Mustard Trim...... I think this is more of a Autumn/Winter shade, but I really this colour - I think it works pretty well as a clutch! In the shop this weekend soon, slightly delayed because of my....

...poorly babes. A week of poorly babes. First little Edie Rose and now the boy :( Dear little dumplings, its just horrid to see them so miserable...the ONLY plus side is they LOVE to cuddle when they're under the weather, now that is one of my absolute favorite things x

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