Saturday, 2 June 2012

Super Saturday!

Yippee its Saturday and I am on holiday! a massive 10 days off work hip hip hoorray! Owing to the fact that I am not at work it has been so lovely to spend time with my babes....therefore, this post will be mostly children related!

Saturday has been awesome! Here are my super three for today....

1. We are potty training the boy. Today was the first full day, I was expecting horror of horrors...he was utterly amazing! Only one teeny accident - phew! My favorite part...yesterday he chose a potty. Its BRIGHT pink. He loves it, I love it and every time he uses it Edie dances! Happy days indeed! Tomorrow may not be so fun...we have to leave the house!!

2. Edie is officially THE messiest 18 month old ever. I am not sure why, but she has decided that every meal must end with the mostly full bowl or plate or yogurt pot (etc...) on her head. She was in the shower at 7.45am this morning following breakfast-gate...

3. We had mini Baked Alaskas...what more could you want on a weekend?

Tomorrow we're of to our dear friend's for a super Sunday Jubilee Party - I can't wait!

Happy Saturday :)

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