Friday, 16 September 2011

Saturday September 17th 2011 - Pancakes, cookies and trampolining!

Today's Three!

1. Wholewheat Breakfast Pancakes - these were so easy and such a fun start to the day, my happy little two year old boy enjoyed making and eating these with me this morning! An egg, 4oz flour, 1oz golden caster sugar, 1tsp cream of tartar and 135ml milk. Whisk up the egg and milk, then beat in the dry bits, dry fry for a couple of minutes on each side until a pale golden colour. Even better they freeze like a dream, so made a big batch and now have breakfast pancakes on the menu each day!

2. Weekend fun! Super fun play date with trampolining in the rain, a 2 year olds dream! So lucky to have such happy children and wonderful friends with wonderful children too. Looking forward a lovely dinner tonight and also some sewing once the bubas are sleeping, hopefully going to try out a couple more designs later, more PJ pants and a couple of burp cloths on the menu.

3. More baking, this time a batch of oat bran, oat and raisin wholemeal cookies. Can never seem to get them very moist, but they have been mostly devoured, especially by Edie....

Happy days....

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