Friday, 3 February 2012

Happy Funtime Friday - Front pages, playmates and wonderful winter weather!

1. What a wonderful start to the weekend - my Mustard Crochet Wristwarmers were featured on the front page of - I am so excited and can't believe how my shop views have rocketed. SO happy!

2. Lovely fun playdate had this morning, a very happy little chappy really enjoyed a nice couple of hours of play with his dear little friend and lovely for me to see mine :)

3. Wintry weather - its so beautifully chilly and sunny..there is lots of frost in the garden and as they weather was nice and dry I thought it the perfect opportunity to plant the bulbs I bought ages ago (another thing to tick of my To-do..). Unfortunately...the ground was frozen solid! Only managed to poke a couple of tulips in a couple of shady places!!

Happy Days...

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