Sunday, 8 July 2012

Happy Saturday!

SO, its been a busy little weekend so far. Friday I went into a bit of a baking frenzy. I haven't made the time to bake like that for ages and it was rather therapeutic, especially doing it with charlie, he just loves baking!

I was on a mission to bake wholesome bits for the babes. Having gathered up a selection on various new recipes, I had a nice selection I wanted to try. The first three were: Fruity breakfast muffins (made with the boy - he made banana, I made apple and cinnamon), cheese and marmite scones (actually rather tasty) and a lentil quiche, which I thought was rather nice, alas, no-one else really agreed...bit disappointing given the fact that it took nearly 4 hours to make!! Anywho, I'll post pics and recipes tomorrow. 

I also finally managed to get some more chunky crochet wrist warmers in the shop. Today, mint (can't get enough of mint), oatmeal and grey. Yes, I know its still July, but all this rain makes it feel like winter! I like winter. Don't hate me but I also am rather pleased at how well my rhubarb is doing thanks to the rain!

Happy days x


  1. Happy Weekend Emily! Those wristwarmers are lovely. I'll have to get a pair of the mustard ones for festival time. Just waiting for payday! x

  2. Ah thanks Jen - Happy Weekend to you too! So glad you like the wrist warmers, I think they'd be perfect for festival season! Have a fab Sunday and thanks for popping by x

  3. Awe, these gloves are just adorable! :p

    Hope you're having a great week!