Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fresh Start, making the best of ourselves...

So, alot of the time I think about how I can do things better. For me, becoming a parent makes me want to be a much better version of myself. I want to give my little people a happy loving home, a stable upbringing and I want them to thrive. This is, I'm sure, what all parents want. Lately, I feel I've been busy and hectic and lost a little focus on what's important. So after having a little word with myself, the FRESH START begins. With it, the excitement of three whole days off work to be spent with Charlie, Edie Rose and Ross. Yi-P-EEE.

The weekend is planned in my OCD organisational nirvana head and I intend to make the absolute best of the precious time we have...stay tuned...

Happy Days x

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