Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday Wonders - One For the Kids

So  I'm a little late with Tuesday Treasures this week, so its going to have to be Wednesday Wonders! All of these delights are just so perfect for the kids! 

TeepeeandTent Kids A-Frame Teepee Play Tent - $149.99

littlesaplingtoys Personalized Toy Camera $34

whimsywendy Reversible Fabric Crown $15

evanspicks Children's Scooter by Radio Flyer - $75

lacasadecoto Crochet rug-Granny Square €59

SuperSweetCreations RED ANCHOR on NAUTICAL blue striped tee $22

Happy Days x


  1.'ve got me drooling over that Personalized toy Camera and reversible crown!

    So sweet of you to include my tent in your collection of Etsy goodies, Emily! Thanks so much!

    Lisa from Teepee and Tent and Salt and Light Studio