Saturday, 21 January 2012

Boot cuffs, baking and boredom...

Well, a lovely productive weekend is being had so far.

1. Friday spent baking lots of delicious things with the boy for a lovely afternoon tea with my lovely grandparents (who brought beautiful daffodils and they really made me smile!) ... Booster bars and Banana cake, as well as a big batch of freezer meals - I'm going to love coming home from work knowing that that's another thing not to worry about next week!

2. Boot Cuffs - headbands, ear warmers, fingerless mittens and pyjamas, all things aded to the Etsy and Folksy shops this weekend :)

3. Boredom - an odd one, but definitely made Ross and I smile at 3.30 am when Charlie wandered into our room and told us he was bored... sleeping at night not exciting enough then Charlie? My word!

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