Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thursday November 3rd 2011 - Spooksville

Its been a MEGA busy week! Poorly babies, loadsa working and not much sleep! Still time for a load of lovely things though..of which here are a lovely three...

1. Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen - a super spooky lunch and a halloween party - so much fun and far too many sweeties and spidery cupcakes!

2. Baking Bonanza - River Cottage Cookies, loads a lovely leek and potato soup, halloween cupcakes, pumpkin puree, oh and the aforementioned spider cupcakes. Much more to come this weekend with Christmas cakes and homemade apple sweeties on the agenda...Nigella, eat your heart out!

3. Bloomin bloomers - not got around to the Etsy pics for the bloomers yet, but a sneaky peek...

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