Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday October 25th 2011 - Organising above and beyond...

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1. So the day started with a chilly walk to work at 6.45am today, with an oh so spectacular crescent moon following me on my way. It was beautiful!

2. Trying to be super organised mega woman this week, totally inspired by a blog I've found written by Mayi Carles called heartmadeblog. She has so much enthusiasm and makes these brilliant planners, I've got the life is messy planner and it is just heaven for me a lover of lists, and at the same time looks brilliant! They say you're much more likely to use something if you like the way it looks, so here goes... :) And now to work on promoting my Etsy and Folksy shops....

3. Another part of mega organised week is getting ahead of meal planning and using the slow cooker for meals on the days I'm at work. So far so good, we've had a hearty stew, macaroni cheese (brilliant), and tomorrow its chicken noodle soup, my personal fave. Mega satisfying to whack the ingredients in at 6am and getting home to a nice hot meal with virtually NO effort! Here's to finding a super idea for thursday, Pinterest here I come!.

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