Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday October 1st 2011 - Indian Summer Rules!

Today's Three!

1. Fun filled family days! A super splashy swimming lesson with the boy, mega homemade pizza making session with the children a la River Cottage - thanks Hugh F-W! A happy trip to the zoo for lunch with the sleeping lions!

2. Gorgeous weather - it's been so beautiful this week and weekend, amazingly hot for September, and now it's October! We're so lucky to live somewhere with such fantastic scenery...

3. Charming children - dear little Charlie, was desperate at snack time to have 2 little packets of raisins. He helped himself to two little bowls and wandered into the lounge "mummy, I made one for you too!" and handed me a bowl of raisins! Amazing!

- Happy Days!

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