Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Happy Tuesday! What a lovely sunshiney start to the week here in Cornwall.

Saturday was a very wet and windy day on the farm, so we tucked ourselves away and baked (feta, courgette and mint cake recipe to follow), and had lovely friends over for a children’s supper. Sunday was, in contrast, so very gloriously warm and sunny. There are some newly arrived calves (aka “moos”/ baby cows, depending on whether you are 2 or 3), which we visited (there are 21 of them – counted carefully by Edie, skipping the numbers 13 and 15). We wandered around and rescued the daffodils that had been snapped of in the wind and the house is filled with spring.

A mountain of washing was folded and put away and some terribly organised weekly/meal planning went on, finished off with a lovely roast.

Happy days indeed xx

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