Friday, 25 January 2013

It has been so chilly this last week. I know its been colder in other places (we didn't get snow), but we've still been feeling the chill. On Sunday we went for a blustery walk on the beach. The children wouldn't keep their mittens on and insisted on playing in the salty shore water, needless to say they got pretty cold, pretty quick and we didn't last long! We're so lucky to be able to hop in the car for less than 10 minutes and then be at the beach. 

We're finally getting settled in the new house, the novelty of the cows and sheep being outside is not wearing off, I love how Edie wants to "see the moos mummy" every time we try to go anywhere. Charlie is less bothered, but still gets pretty excited when he sees a pheasant wandering around the back garden.

Our little slice of the world feels pretty happy right now, I'm looking forward to a weekend of baking with the children, more blustery walks and as always a bit of  knitting!

Happy days x

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