Saturday, 24 December 2011

Saturday 24th December 2011 - It's the most wonderful time....

Todays Three:

1. The tent is finally finished, hope they love it!

2. Lovely Christmas Eve Beach Walk - weather was lovely, charlie had such fun running in and out of the sea, throwing pebbles and being chased by my dad...ahh!

3. Loving the Christmas Spreadsheets. Some time ago I mentioned my Christmas Geeky Spreadsheets. Well, so far so good, and they appear to be making the festivities go swimmingly so far! I am pleased to say that as it stands presents are bought, some wrapped, food planned and ordered without any further trips to the supermarket! Fingers crossed...EDITED...the ultimate quest for organisational nirvana has hit a couple of pre Christmas bumps that could have ended disastrously! So, I ordered all food online to avoid crazy supermarket shopping with millions of people. For the last couple of weeks I have thought gleefully about it all arriving on 23rd Dec between 6pm and 9pm. Turkey, veg from a local place and a big supermarket shop. Turkey email confirmation lost, and credit card used to pay for massive online shop had expired. All rectified, but dangerously close to time! Those were a couple of dicy moments...lessons learnt though and all the mega panic thoughts that I'd ruined Christmas a distant memory after a couple of glasses of mulled wine :)

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