Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday October 16th 2011 - Today's Three Things!

My daily bread!

1. Home baked bread - a cheats version of soda bread, turned out rather well, house smells delicious and I'm now mega inspired to make our daily bread rather than buying it, so have tried to start my own starter...just another 10 days of waiting to see if it works :)

2. Lovely long walks - we've spent a lovely weekend outdoors having a couple of hearty stomps - todays was topped off by a lovely roast with runner beans and purple sprouting broccoli from our allotment! Cornwall is one beautiful place, beaches, countryside, woodlands and stunning gardens, super lucky to live here.

3. So excited to have made my first sale in my Folksy shop! Admittedly it was my friend, but very happy all the same :)

- Happy Days!

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