Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saturday April 16th 2011 - Today's 3!

The Daily Three!

1. Lazy Weekends - Today, the Tallings all stayed in PJ's untill 11am, some were later. Not having to charge about every now and then is a real treat, enabling you to get back to basics and enjoy really simple pleasures!

2. Growing Veg - As a very lucky Allotment owner, I am especially excited this year about growing food. Last year, somewhat unsucessfully I attempted to turn our garden into a scene from the Good Life. Every day more shoots appear, the courgettes are particularly pleasing this morning!

3. Baby Food - Edie Rose is starting to eat real food, well baby rice and veg purees. So in an attempt to grt organised, I have whizzed up a massive batch of bright orange, velvety smooth carrots...lets hope she likes them!

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